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Hello everyone,

Is somebody can confirm me that I will not put my self in trouble with the following.

Maybe for better understanding of my case please see NotePad attached file.

Ok my first thinking was to have on DIC0 first partition (C: ) the Paging File of Vista x64 for that I partition 25GB since I have 8GB RAM. and second partition was for Paging Files of third OS if one day I decide to install a Linux one.

But my lack of Computer knowledge, resulted that BOOT files of Both actual OS installed themself on this First DISC0 partition and I do not want to mess with them putting some more files there but I do not want also to have 25GB partition only for Dual BOOT Files, beside this, 12GB in second Partition for Vista x64 Paging file can be short.
So comes my thinking, how can I re-partition these 2 partitions to leave just the enough space for the BOOT Files on Partition One of DISC0, I was thinking 500MB (is that enough?) and relocate some of the 24.5GB on partition 2. and make a Extended Partition with the rest.

Sorry for the long reading but finally comes my doubt:
Can I copy my Dual BOOT Files to USB Stick memory, than starts any OS setting in BIOS priority to USB Device, will my BOOT FILE (USB) work ? and allow Vista to Load?
Once there I suppose:
1) I can move these partition arround,
2) Copy/Paste from USB to first small 500mb Partition all BOOT Files again,
3) Shut down, set bios with DICS0 priority boot again and everything will work as a charme?

Any recommendation will be very welcome.
Thnk you in advance.


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