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When I do a search (say "spell check" in the Browsers&Mail Forum) and get several pages of results (say 10), then when browsing past page 1 (say I am on page 3) and visit one result, read it, and hit the back button to look at the next result (on page 3), I am sent back to page 1. This requires me to remember which page I was on and select that page to be able to look at the next result, and it makes browsing thru so many results very cumbersome. Is this the normal behavior, an anomaly of my system, or is there a better way to browse thru all the results of a search?

  • I am using Windows 7 x64 Premium and Firefox 41.0.2

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Hello cabb, it is the normal behavior, but there is a better way: Right-click on search result link and select Open Link in New Tab. (I would further suggest that you first go to Firefox Options > General and check the box "When I open a link in a new tab, switch to it immediately.") Once you have read the result, simply close the tab and you will be back on the same page of search results. I believe results are opened in new tabs by default at SevenForums.

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