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I'm thinking of using freeware for security to save a little money. Leaning toward Comodo for antivirus, and ZoneAlarm for firewall. Anyone have any thoughts on these programs? PC MAG rates them very highly.




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Each member will give you answers based upon what the or she likes. I have used Avast (rated very high), uses very little resources. I use the MS firewall included with Vista. Used in conjunction with a little common sense I have never encountered a problem.


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I think AVG was the first free antivirus, and it was the first freeware I installed on my Vista PC. Unfortunately AVG has gone downhill in recent years. I considered Microsoft Security Essentials as a replacement, but it seems to have a reputation for ineffectiveness. Finally decided to try Panda because it's the current PCMag Editors' Choice: The Best Free Antivirus for 2015 |

Like richc46 I'm simply using Windows Firewall. I tried ZoneAlarm at one time, but AVG wouldn't play nice with it. This article makes a good case: Why You Don

[Edit] Like many Panda users, I was affected by the debacle of March 11. After doing a complete PC recovery, I would never recommend Panda to anyone. Since PCMag has named both AVG 2014 and Panda Free 2015 (both junk in my experience) as Editors' Choice, I no longer consider PCMag to be a reliable source of information - or perhaps there's just no such thing as a really good free antivirus? At the moment I'm using Microsoft Security Essentials, and I might take a closer look at Avast one day.

[Edit] It seems that Avira no longer supports Vista: Avira Product Lifecycle Archive
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