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freezing problems

i have an Acer aspire t-180, 1GB memory and 160GB hard-drive, and a 2.00GHz processor, and i am having problems with my computer freezing, and my sidebar gadget says i have only got 100Mb memory free, and i was just wondering if there is anything that i can do to stop my computer freezing and to free up more memory. PLEASE HELP, MANY THANKS ALEX.

My Computer

The easiest way would be to install more memory. As much as you can fit. For x86 3GB is enough. Last time (and never again) I used 1GB of memory in a Vista laptop, with IE and Windows Explorer running, 85% was taken.

My Computer

System One

  • Manufacturer/Model
    Sony Vaio Z46GDU
    P9700@2.8GHz w/6MB L2 cache 1066MHz FSB
    6GB DDR3 1066MHz SDRAM
    Graphics Card(s)
    9300M GS 256MB + Intel Integrated 4500MHD
    Monitor(s) Displays
    13.1" WXGA True Colour Tough
    Screen Resolution
    Hard Drives
    320GB SATA 7200RPM
    Internet Speed

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