Frequent BSOD, Vista x64 on new Dell E6400


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Help! :( After leaping into the world of 64bit computing, I am experiencing daily, frequent, random BSOD's and I am at a complete loss. Hoping someone on this forum can offer some advise.

Here are my system specs: brand new (2 months) Dell Latitude E6400 w/ Vista Business x64, SP1; w/8G RAM; CPU t9400 2.53 ghz; nvidia graphics card. Also dell port replicator, external lcd monitor, and dell bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

I have been experiencing a variety of BSODs, and it would seem mostly due to sleep or hibernate events, but this could be my imagination. My system is setup to save the BSOD id's and can supply ID's and mini dumps on request.

BSOD's id's fe, 1e, d1, 9f appear to be the most frequent. Also have occational "appcrash" naming STacSV64.exe (idt audio) but also for other applications such as IE.

Another annoyance is with BT mouse and/or keyboard, which looses connection at what appears to be at random times.

Here is what I have tried (aside from reading all the posts on any forum I can find)

Have installed all available drivers from dell's website.
Upgraded bios from A09 to A11.
Disabled the powersaving mode so LT does not hibernate or go to sleep - just simple screen saver followed by poweroff on monitor.
Ran the memtest tool, memory appears to have a clean bill of health.

Currently, I have removed the laptop from the docking station and am running standalone (just power and bt mouse) to see what happens.

Any additional suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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