Fresh Install onto New SSD-HD - Internet Does Not Work


Fixed, got a hardwire connection option now. Just had to actually go to Realtek's website and download the 10/100 NIC PCIe driver for Vista. Never had that before, it never showed up in my ISP cable router, now its clearly in port 2.

Windows update seems like it will take awhile, I didnt even realize I had to authenticate it, I stumbled upon that.
Installed Office 2007 very easily with Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder, thankfully Microsoft still had Office 2007 downloadable.

For my new Patriot 120GB SSD-HD startups seem to be around 1 minute, had one at 52 seconds. The WD 7200rpm took 1 minute and a half, and had tons of programs in startup process.

Windows Mail was easy, just moved file from unused HD to SSD-HD. Not to sure how it will work once unused HD is disconnected. POP3 incoming/outgoing matched (even the ports) however it never meshed, could send emails out, but not in.
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