FS2004 Freezes at random causing complete system lockup. Vista x64


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OK, I'm going to give a background of my problem, see if anybody has encountered it and has a fix.

My rig is as follows:

P5E3 Premium Wifi @n
1000W power supply
QX6850 w/ tuniq tower running at stock clock
8GB DDR3-1333, running stock clock
2) Geforce 280, running stock clock from asus
2 Raptor 74gb in RAID-0
creative audigy
3) 46" samsung lcd's
1) 19" generic widescreen
3 computer connected with glass cockpit LAN
all flight controls via usb to com port
windows x64 business

ok so now my problem is this. after flying for several hours, the machine will simply freeze. it won't allow me to move my mouse or press any keys. the sound will continue on looping whatever it had played, as found common within crashes. fsx works with no problems, i just like fs9 better. we have tried removing the sound card, disabling everything in windows aside from the needed services to make the operating system run. we disconnected all peripharals so it was running by itself, on 1 screen. no matter what, it does this. sometimes 1 minute into opening the program, to 4 hours into a flight. the computer doesn't get hot, its equipped with everything needed for more than adequate cooling. the ram has been tested, and FSX seems to run flawless. ive completely uninstalled fs2004, turned off aero.

does anybody know any incompatibilties between Vista x64, our equipment, and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 that could be causing this problem? has anybody experienced this? after the crash, i must shut off pc with the power button, it is not a soft crash.

after the crash, the only log is a crash with the main executable (fs9.exe i believe)

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