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FTP Frustration

Okay so here is my problem. I recently purchased a domain name from godaddy.com, and i used dreamweaver to make a site and was able to use the dreamweaver ftp fine in WinXP Home 32 bit.

I recently moved home from school and upgraded my OS to Vista Business 64bit, and dreamweaver FTP does not work. I am still using the same router that i had while i was at school and when the FTP was working.

I have emailed godaddy support many times and they simply tell me to reset my password. I have tried using Filezilla, Dreamweaver, and even creating a FTP connection in vista. all of which give me the same "503 <user> cannot connect" error.

This is becoming extremely frustrating to me because i am 100% positive my Login informaton is correct. I have added both FileZilla and Dreamweaver as exceptions to windows firewall, along with opening ports 21, and 22. I am really at a loss as what to do next. Ive been browsing these forums and have not been able to find a straight answer. So if anyone can help me it would be much appreciated.

I am almost ready to sacrifice two cores of my processor and a gig of ram to get 32bit XP again and have my FTP work.

thank you for any help.
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