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Ghost Folders

Good Evening Folks:

The Title may sound a little weird, but that's how this issue appears to me.

About a week ago I saved my Contacts and Favourites folders to a disk. The Favourites folder I keep on my desktop and the Contacts is accessed via Explorer. I copy these files to disk every couple of months (XP taught me the hard way that if I didn't want to re-enter them every time that application crashed, I had better keep them safe.) but, this was the first time I have done it since I started running Firefox.

What I am getting now is that every time I log out of Firefox or Windows Explorer, every time I reboot or do a cold boot, and sometimes when I back out of Documents one or the other, or occasionally both, of these folders shows up on my desktop. The folders are empty and I simply delete them. However, if anyone knows how I can eliminate this little irritant I'd sure appreciate some information. It may be a Firefox problem and I have sent them a corresponding inquiry, but there's usually someone on this site who knows all about these weird little Vista events.

Powell Lucas

My Computer