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Gif images do not show in Win Mail

I installed IE9 and now when I use Win mail and insert a gif image it will not display. If I click on the blank space where the image should be it will only display the selection handles around the gif image but not the image itself. After I select the blank space with the handles around it I can select the copy option and then paste the copy selection into a graphics program and it will show. This means the image is there in the email but does not show. If I send the email to someone the gif image will show in their email. If I receive an email with a gif image it does not show up in my email. I can drag and select where the gif image should be and then copy and paste into a graphic program and it will be there. I have attached two screen shots of what I am trying to say. The first shows what happens when I insert images in a new email. All other graphic images show except for gif images and I can select the gif images but only the handles show. The second shows what it looks like when someone sends me a gif image. Does anyone else have this problem with gif images? I think I have all settings set correctly. I have tried reverting back to IE8 and that corrects the problem.