Guildwars foder with Chinese characters


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Guildwars folder with Chinese characters

Hello all, Glad I found this forum... hopefully someone here has come across this issue and knows the fix for it.

First off, this is very new computer with Vista Ultimate (64-bit) and it has Norton and Guild Wars installed.
Here's the Problem...

Whenever I run Guild Wars, there is a new folder with Chinese or Korean looking characters for a name created with a guild wars sub folder. and if I try to do a screen capture, it creates an other folder (again with foreign letters and in both cased the folders are empty with only an empty guildwars sub folder being created) in the main guild wars directory. And I can not use the Template System in guild wars (this is my biggest concern) not sure why exactly but in the Guild wars chat box, it says that Guild wars was unable to save the template because it could not access/write to the folder ... or something like that.

has anyone come across this before? is there a fix to the problem?
I have tried a complete re-install of guild wars in the default spot (program files) also I have tried a complete install in C:\Guild Wars, as well as an attempt on a seperate partition.... all with the same result.... foreign folders on startup created and unable to use the template system in the game :(

Any help would be greatly appriciated!
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Doesn't sound familar.

Have you tried checking on the Guild Wars forums ?

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