Halo Custom Edition Developer Mode not working

So my friend LordJohnx3 and I have created a halo clan, we have a few members and such, our own youtube channel, etc, and now we want to create a server for our clan. To have moderation/admin powers, you have to have Halo Custom Edition Devmode. I enabled devmode, but you can only create a LAN game with it on. So I downloaded this devmode tool, from hce.halomaps.org, AllDevHaloCE by bitterbanana, which is supposed to allow me to create an internet game without turning devmode off. The problem is, I can't turn the tool on when I'm in or outside of Halo.

Does anybody have any expirence with this or know how to help me?

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    ASUS EN9800GX2
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    Auzentech X-Fi Prelude 7.1
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