Help finding an original copy of the Windows XP (Or Vista) installation that came with a rare device


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Hi all,

I need help finding an original copy of the Windows XP installation that came with the UMID Mbook M1 MID.

This device was rebadged and sold under the names Sagem Spiga and Kohjinsha PM too.

They all had the same XP installation (Only changes between was language and branding things like wallpapers), Windows XP Home Edition SP3 ULCPC. I am aware you can get this ULCPC OS online, but I am talking about the EXACT copy that was used by the aforementioned devices because it has a special shell, custom software and various other tweaks/adjustments..

There was also an option to have Vista on the M1 (And maybe its derivatives too), but I do not know anything at all about this as it was an extremely uncommon option to spec with the device. I would not mind a copy of this but XP would be more preferable.

There are several iterations of the devices, such as the UMID M2, BZ and SE among some, however I cannot be certain they use the same XP installation and its derivatives, but worth mentioning.

Thanks kindly all in advance.
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