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Hello, a week ago I had what I am now refering to as Major Disaster Number One. When I turned on my Laptop it didn't boot had a black screen and made loud beeping noises. This was eventually resolved by removing one of the memory cards as one of the slots was defective. In the meantime I had done quite a lot of fiddling with the system.

The PC had been working fine for a whole week until Major Disaster Number Two happened today. This time thankfully no loud beeping but black screen and flashing num/caps locks (twice). According to the HP website 2 flashes indicates a BIOS problem. I did what was recommended and took battery out and pressed power button for a minute. Tried this several times in different combinations but with no success. Tried reconnecting hard drive and swapping memory around again.

Actually something I should mention is that when I first turned it on today it came up with a white screen, totally white, and after waiting a minute I impatiently turned the computer off at which point it refused to turn on again.

I have looked on various forums including this one but don't know what the PC terminology "post" and "flash" mean with reference to boot up and bios.

Thanks in advance for your help.

EDIT: Btw some info about my system (I just read about how to ask for help) I have a HP Laptop DV5-1004nr running Vista 64 Home Premium. Something about my computer experience: About 10 years ago I worked with computers extensively during the Windows 95 era and beyond fixing, rebuilding and providing technical support. But since 2000 I have not been working with them and things have moved on a bit.
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Is your laptop still under warranty?

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Hello, thanks for the reply. The compter has just come out of warranty and what is more I am now living in Freetown, Sierra Leone so there not any HP specialists here or anyone you can really trust to fix it for you.

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