Help: Windows setup could not configure...hardware

Hello to everyone. I am having a problem installing windows vista Home Premium x64 using the recovery disks order from HP and keep getting "windows setup could not configure windows to run on this computer's hardware".
Computer Specs:
Hp Touchsmart IQ506
Intel Core 2 Duo
Original HDD: Seagat 500GB SATA
Build ID: 83NAv6XrA5 (Recovery Disk sent by HP Build ID 83NAv6XrA3)

So my original HDD crash and I bought a new hard drive (WD Caviar Green 1TB). The recovery disks I created did not work so I order them from the HP website. I follow the system recovery instructions choose advanced options and selected "Reset the computer by erasing the entire drive and recreating the factory setup". Once that step is done it says that windows setup is going to finish the installation and I click the finish button and the computer restarts. Then a dos windows pops up showing mainly Build partition was successful and then a grey background with a animation of two folders transferring files. Then it restarts and I get the same animation which takes a longer and finally windows setup starts with a progress bar on the bottom and once it gets 3/4 completed I get a pop windows saying "windows setup could not configure windows to run on this computer's hardware". I thought it might be the WD Hard Drive so I exchange it for a Seagate Barracuda 1TB but still the same problem. I will appreciate any help and thank for reading my post.

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You probably didn't get the correct disk since OEM disks are vendor and sometimes model specific. One of the members here has a ISO for download. I suggest that you try that and use the key posted on your computer.

Note that this install is designed for all computers so it won't have the drivers specific for your computer. You will need to download the drivers for your computer from the manufacturer's website.
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