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Help with ISO images

I am trying to install Fedora, Linux on my box. just to get the feel of that particular os. I cant remember what to do regarding making and then installing the ISO to be readable. I know you have to partition the drive so you can allocate the linux os to said partition. also know there needs to be some head room for updates patches apps. etc. so any help would be appreciated.


Vista Guru
I think you're confusing a few terms here.

Fedora Core should already include its own partition manager, but in case it does not, you just simply go into Vista's Disk Manager and reduce the size of your Vista Partition to allocate space for the Fedora Core installation.

TO burn the .ISO to DVD / CD (depending upon which media is required) you can use ISO Recorder v3 - by far the easiest way to burn ISOs to media.

You then simply put that media back in your drive, and reboot - and let your computer boot off the media. It takes over from there.