home networking - bit baffled


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Hi all,

I am new to home networking. Just got a new pc running vista premium 64, and for the first time have two pcs in the house that are capable of networking properly (i think, anyway). My old pc is a P4 running xp home sp2. I have a BT home hub with which I wish to network. The hub is connected to the vista pc using lan, and the old pc is wirelessed to the hub. Both computers are firewalled. I have messed around with the network wizards on both pcs for ages but cannot get either pc to recognise the other (for file sharing purposes). I have occasionally seen the old pc pop up in 'network' on the new one but the old one has never 'seen' the new one as far as I can tell. The home hub knows the old pc is there though, and both pcs can access the internet properly. Can anybody offer advice? I would like to swap files between pcs and possibly use printers remotely.




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The thought did cross my mind :o but I am concerned about the wirelessly linked computer - surely the bt hub cannot protect the wireless pc if the computer itself does not have a firewall? Just my layman's 2p. I would have thought that it can protect it from internet access but what about nearby access from other wireless devices? I'll give it a whirl anyway.