Solved How Do I Setup My PC as a DLNA Server?


I have a Panasonic Plasma that has DLNA abilities and I'm just realizing that I might be able to play video off my Laptop onto my TV.

I found this site...14 Free Windows Media Server Downloads
and downloaded this...
But I have no idea what it is or how to use it.
I thought I was downloading something that worked in the background.

Can someone show me how to setup my Laptop to become a DLNA server?
Can I even DO that with Windows Vista?
I was already in the Control Panel and clicked "share" on my Public files but my TV cannot find the server

I assume I'll have to ask about how to set up my Panasonic UT50 TV to receive the signal in the AVS Forum...yes?


Apparently I have to spend 100+ on a Panny LAN adapter.
I think I'll stick to getting off the couch and use my HDMI cable connected to my DVR.