How to create a registry modification install file


I have seen some .reg files, which are not a complete registry (like a backup), but they just make certain edits and patches when clicked. How can I make such a file?

What I am doing: I have just finished making many edits to install a new icon setup for files, folders, etc. - now I want to save my work in a form that can be used to install the same changes on another operating system - such as when I get a new one, or if I ever have to reinstall OS. Ideally, this would work for anyone's computer, not just my own. ie: way to work around user folder name in icon paths.

I know how to copy the entire registry, or export a whole chunk of it, but it doesn't make sense to copy the entire HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT - that would change too much. I know how to export a single key entry as well, but there would be too many of these to be practical.

How can I make a package that will edit only the selected keys? (namely mostly adding DefaultIcon key to file type root keys)


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