HOW to get LLTD working in SP3 under 2 minutes flat.

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MY Blog has the answer

X3's Greener Grass: Link Layer Topology Discovery (KB922120) not included in SP3 no problem!!! Read on...

but for those that I just came here to leave a link and can be bothered how to read here goes

So imagine that like me, you slipstreamed the latest Service pack onto your existing install disk to make a clean install of XP (insert your edition here) and found out like me that the LLTD while its on the list of updates included with SP3 its not really... Go figure... It happens really... or does it?
LLTD just makes it way easier for Vista to see XP in its network map and maybe even make it easier for you to get things working together dure goes help... I see it like a scaled down version of Cisco CDP... Moving on :)
Download the LLTD windowsXP-KB922120-v5-ENU.exe, running it will give you a error not allowing you to install it, but there is a way around it... Seriously! Keep reading!
I figured that since it was working when first tried SP3 via WU and I had this update already that there is no reason why this makes any sense... So I Googled as one does. I looked at this topic and quite honestly some idiot saying on thar topic that "All the KB's you mentioned were new features added to Windows XP after release of SP2.They would not be added to SP3, but instead be refreshed to install on SP3" makes me wonder why bother with comments like this... Clearly you need to do some reading Mr. whatever your name is... Sounds like something I wouldn't eat... Anyhow?! This is the advice someone as a MSFT title should provided regarding the LLTD...
A topic on Microsoft discussion group pointed towards in how to extract a update to your HDD as part of the solution and then place these files on Windows Directory and system32 folder and then run the service... ok pretty easy eh? nope. What file goes where so here it is... you will also need to set folder options to view hidden files.
Please do the following:

  1. Rename the LLTD WindowsXP-KB922120-v5-ENU.exe windowsXP-KB922120-v5-ENU.exe to a simpler name e.g. 922120 and place it on e.g. C:\
  2. Click Start button navigate to run prompt and type in cmd and press enter or click ok (a black window will open)
  3. Type the following in the command prompt (cursor blinking)
cd c:\

Then type in command window

c:\922120.exe -x:c:\922120

Files will extract to folder named 922120 and pressuming that the package is now downloaded and extracted all you need is to concentrate on the folder named SP2QFE.

Inside you will find a file named rspndr.sys place it inside your C:\Windows\System32\Drivers directory, rspndr.exe should be placed inside your C:\Windows\System32 directory and finally the rspndr.inf which is inside the IP named folder, should be placed inside your (previously) hidden C:\Windows\Inf directory.

Now you all done! Start the service by opening a cmd prompt window again navigating to directory by typing cd C:\Windows\System32 directory and issuing the following command once there on same prompt window.
rspndr.exe -i (then tap enter duh!)
You should receive a confirmation that the service is installed and by opening your NIC card properties you will confirm by reviewing that there is a checked entry for Link Layer Topology Discovery.
On another note maybe it would be better to rollup and add this and other missing KB's in the disk before slipstreaming SP3 and then maybe we could avoid it altogether. Or wait until Microsoft is good and ready to release yet another stream of updates to go on top of SP3 and fix this or similar issues. One can wait or do it himself. erm feeling like XP SP4 anyone?

Obviously my blog has all the links for which I cant past a format here.

ANYwho Im not a MVP I dont work in IT no one gives me a job and yet lookie here.

Someone has really dropped the ball onn that last interview I went.


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well thank you ;)

Its nice to now when you help someone they thank you back for it.


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XS3: You're awesome. This is still a valid and useful solution (which is why I've bumped this thread to help other people hunting for this solution). This was a straightforward, elegant solution, and included the obviously implied methods for other such situations. You've saved me a bunch of time. Thank you.


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well it is still a hot issue no doubt my blog is innundated with searches for this. Shame MS dont really want to fix all the SP3 bugs.


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This was an excellent, easy to follow post BUT I still cannot see a Windows Vista shared printer. Other posts indicated that LLTD needed to be installed first which your steps got me through however still no go seeing the printer I shared on my Vista desktop computer. I had no problems seeing / sharing to the printer when it was connected to my old XP desktop.


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My SP3 wasn't slipstreamed, but it was installed right after running the XP setup. I couldn't get the hotfix to install because Windows thought it was already installed, yet LLTD didn't show in network properties. This manual installation worked like a charm!