How to Remove Annoying “Safe To Remove Hardware” Message Box


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Sorry if this is a double / triple post.. My post won't show up..
Recently updated my Vista Ultimate SP2 32bit
then this happen..

I don't want to use any scripts or softwares to fix this, I just want to know what KB

Update caused this so I can revert it back..

Tnx in advance ^^

~Do you click the USB icon in the tray before you remove the device?

Yes, I even tried left/right click..

Still an annoying safe to remove dialog box appears.. again, this recently happened when I

updated my laptop..

anyway..I just want to know the Windows KB Update that causes this to happen.. I don't want

to reformat again just for this :(

OR maybe I can do a repair installation? Will that remove all updates?

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Conclusion: I have done my research; it's not the KBs installed after windows update
Just notice that the annoying safe to remove dialog box with an
"OK" button that requires clicking or hitting Enter still appears after reformatting my laptop ^^

Solution: Upgrade to Windows7 :cool:

~Microsoft has changed this functionality in Windows 7. Windows 7 shows a balloon tip instead of the dialog box.
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