How to Remove Bitlocker and Repair Boot Manager

How to Remove Bitlocker and Repair Boot Manager

First you will need the vista installation disk so you will be able to repair your boot manager.
In the vista disk managment tool mark C: as active(or whatever is the default partition)

start>right click Computer>click Manage>click Disk Management>right click select Drive (C), and click "mark partition as active"

Restart your computer.

Boot up the vista install disk.

When the language selection screen comes up click next.

Click the repair link.

Note   Note
SATA Hard-Drives will need to have the driver loaded from the Drive Selection Screen

Select the c: partition.

Click next.

Click repair boot manager.

When it has finished restart your computer.

Note   Note
This repair step for unknown reason may have to be repeated twice

In the vista disk manager convert the 1.5 gb partition into unallocated space.

Extend C: so that it uses all the unallocated space.

Everything should be back to normal

Note   Note
You may notice the following startup program after removal of Bitlocker

This registry entry can be removed by editing the registry or removing the check in system configuration "startup"

start>type "msconfig" in search without quotations and goto the startup tab and uncheck fveNotify.exe entry

start>type "regedit" in search without quotations> and navigate to the following:
and delete fveNotify.exe entry.


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I don't have Windows VISTA Ultimate Installation DVDs. HP did not give me the discs. I generated the Recovery DVDs from the Recovery Partition E: of my HP Pavilion dv9260. However, when I boot from the Disc A, I do not get access to the options apparently available in the normal Installation Discs.

When I downloaded and installed bitlocker from the Windows Extras for Windows Ultimate on the Windows Update screen, it created a mess form me. As things stand, I am able to get the Vista Ultimate to load, but only after control+alt+del on the black screen that says bootmgr is missing, and clicking F11 on the HP logo screen.

Wish I hadn't touched bitlocker! Turned out that I can't activate it which I found out after installing it that it requires TPM that my laptop apparently doesn't have.

Any way to return to normal boot for me?

Your expert help will be deeply appreciated! Thanks.

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