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html image upload problems. Need help!

Ok. I tried my hardest to find out myself before coming here, but I just cannot figure this out. I have an ebay store, and am a member of many forums. I upload photos all the time. I have no issues with my photos uploading, but anytime I try to upload my photos on craigslist they all show up as a small box with a green triangle, a red circle, and a blue square inside. This has been going on for months. I look through craigslist, and it's flooded with uplaoded images daily from photobucket, so I know it's not craigslist. I'm using photobucket. When I generate my links, the very first option listed on photobucket is "HTML images for ebay, craigslist etc.". "Craigslist" is highlighted. It's meant for craigslist. They have a partnership. Yet the photos never work! In the end I'm always forced to just use direct links. This is really getting on my nerves, and no one has ever seemed to cover it on any forum, anywhere in the world. I'm good with computers, if anyone can try to help me through this.

I'm running Vista with SP1, and SP2 installed, all updates installed, and current java. I've cleared my cache, checked my internet settings, and everything seems to look ok to the naked eye. Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated. Regards

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First a couple of suggestions to enusre that you are doing it correctly
How to Display Large Photos in Craigslist Classified Ads
How to use Photobucket for better pictures On Your Craigslist Ad | eHow.com

You may want to try in clean boot to see if the problem can be identified.
How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7. Be sure that your firewall and antivirus is disabled

Try with addons removed from IE
Tools>internet options>advanced>reset

Try with another browser. Firefox may be a good choice

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