ICS doesn't turn on anymore...


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-Vista Home Basic, on a laptop
-Verizon USB AirCard (Model USB 720)

After about 3 hours of turmoil I was able to find all the services that needed do to be turned on to get ICS to work through my USB Air Card.

I've been toggling ICS on/off between my Air Card and my wi-fi, depending on the physical location I am at. I have been successfully doing this for almost 9 months.

Last month I could no longer enable ICS on the Air Card. Soon after that the wi-fi properties show that ICS is permanently enabled, however I'm still not able to use my VoIP device through the wi-fi now either.

When enabling ICS for the Air Card I get the following message:
Cannot enable shared access.
Error 1003: Cannot complete this function.

I'm using my laptop for business. It's really important, to me, that I get this resolved. Does anyone have any ideas?

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I think I found a possible answer...well, I know it did work for me. Don't know if it'd work for everyone.

After about 45 minutes of having a tech look at my computer he finally washed his hands of the issue and told me to install Service Pack 1.:eek:


Everything is all better now!! ICS toggles off/on between the Verizon AirCard and the wi-fi!!

Go install SP-1 and hopefully that fixes your problems!!

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