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Solved iexplore.exe Assert in LSP

Keep getting a pop up reading

Assert in LSP



Abort Retry Ignore

Any idea how to solve this. Tried all up dates cannot get rid.


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This worked for me:

First, find a website where this occurs. Note the website URL. After completing the fix below, go back to that website in order to check that this is no longer a problem.

Go to - Internet Explorer: Tools: Manage Add-ons.
Click on Shockwave Flash Object (Adobe Systems Incorporated)
Click the Disable Button
Click OK
Restart Internet Explorer, go to the copied URL and see if this fixed the problem.

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This did solve the problem but now I do not have access to the website where it kept popping up..I use it on a daily basis and the only way I can gain access is to enable these settings again..Any suggestions?..Thank you


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i tried everything. This finally worked:

From Programs: do the following

uninstall Adobe Flash
uninstall Adobe shockwave Flash
uninstall GOOGLE DESKTOP (this is VERY IMPORTANT to remove)
run a registry cleaner on your computer (you can download free ones)

after you have done the above:

download Adobe shockwave flash only (make sure its the latest version)

after you have done all of the above. go to the website you usually visit that causes the error problem to come up and see if it happens again. IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM and i can play my games without that aggravating message and best of all, no freezing up and crashing explorer.

Best of luck

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I do not use Vista, as I am an XP Professional SP3 OS user with IE 8 for my browser. I had been getting the Assert in LSP message at TVPC.COM when receiving streaming video. The above procedure for resolution of this irritating problem works extremely well on XP as well as Vista.

Uninstall Adobe Flash
Uninstall Adobe Shockwave Flash
Uninstall GOOGLE DESKTOP (indicated it was extremely important, and haven't reinstalled to determine if a new installation will still yield problem resolution)
I rebooted the CPU and then I ran Registry Mechanic and also cleaned functions available in the "Privacy" tab.
I then downloaded the most current version of Adobe Shockwave.

As advertised above, it worked like a CHARM!

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