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IIS, localhost, web service


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Using Vista Home Premium, 32 bit, IIS Version 7.0

Created a web service using VS 2008, .Net framework 3.5. Web service makes use of some 3rd party DLLs, which access other files. To make this work within VS, I reference the DLLs and also set the Path environment variable to point to the directories containing the files that the DLLs make use of.

The web service works fine in VS 2008 Debug mode, run as administrator or not. HOWEVER, when I publish the web service (to wwwroot) and try to run it from localhost, I get an error: System.IO file not found. Based on other experience with this, I'm almost certain that this error is caused because the other files can not be found.

I have set the path variable to C:\xxxx where xxxx is the folder containing the additional files. Again, this works when running the web service in VS 2008 debug, but not as localhost.

SUGGESTIONS on how to set the path variable so that when I run as localhost, the web service DLLs know where the additional files are located.

PERHAPS there is also an IIS 7 setting that I need to change - I know the above approach works on IIS 6 on PCs (XP) as well as servers (Server 2003); the web service works in this environment.


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