Import/export MSN Custom Emoticons


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Now I've tried to import my custom emoticons from MSN Live Messenger so many times that I've given up and now I need some help.

I've gotten a new email and just want my custom emoticons to the new email but it's not that easy as I've read.

I have Vista Home Premium, just to start out. I do know where you find the emoticons: Local Disc -> Users -> (my user) -> AppData -> Local -> Microsoft -> Messenger -> (my email) -> Object Store -> CustomEmoticons

I looked at an answer in here and several other places where you are told to copy the CustomEmoticons into the same folder just in the new email's folder. I did that and it didn't work at all. The wierd thing is just if you try to add a custom emoticon and uses a name from one of the custom emoticons I've tried to export it says that the name is already in use. You know, like it actually is there but you can't see it.

I'm really desperate, I've tried so many import/export programmes with no result and I simply refuse to transfer more than 200 emoticons manually like I've done so many times before. Hope anyone can answer.


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