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Installation error code 0x80070017

so i'm trying to install windows vista home premiem on my laptop and when it
starts to expad the files the error code shows up 0x80070017. i'm using the cd
that came with my laptop and i know nothing is wrong with it because i
previosly used it to re install vista on the same laptop before. i'm doing
the same exact thing as i did before so i doubt i'm doing anything wrong. can
someone help me please. my laptop is an acer 3690, and my hard dives are
both completly clean i reformated both and now i cant even go back inside windows
so how can i fix this problem
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well after alll i fix the bootmgr missin but now my computer says...Files:\boot\bcd
Status 0xc0000098
info: the windows boot configuration data file does not contain a valid OS entry
can some one help me with that i dnt know whats an OS entry
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I'm having the same error in the Vista Ultimate instalation and the message that appear read "Windows cannot install required files,The file may be corrupt or missing.
Make sure all files required for installation are available and restart the installation.
Error Code:0x80070017...I check the DVD and it shows some scratches,probably were made by the drive,because I just use that DVD 2 times only.:mad: