Intermittent internet connection


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For some time now (say, 2 months or so) I've been having an intermittent internet connection. It's pretty bizarre: the internet connection disappears, then after 6 seconds I can load a page, then it's gone again, etc. This keeps going for about half an hour, then everything is back to normal. It happens twice a day, often around specific times (that being 5 o'clock and midnight). I can already hear you people thinking "ISP problem", but there's more: I have 2 wireless connections set up, one with a Vista (Home Premium, like my main) and one with an XP Home Edition. The XP has the same problem, but the other Vista has no problems at all. So it's obviously not an ISP problem. (by the way, my main computer is connected with an Ethernet cable)
Other things I've tried: changing the MTU, flushing the DNS, stopping anti-virus software, uninstalling several programs, checking the IP. Nothing works. Seriously.

So I'm desperate. If anyone can help me, they get a virtual bag of Marses. So, please? Pretty please?


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