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Internet connection Difficulties

i have started this thread on behalf of a friend.

He claims that when he updated chrome, and internet explorer a week ago he found that none of his browsers worked(firefox, opera etc that i gave him on a cd were no differnet). Only some the programs still managed to update themselves(advanced system care) windows update finds available updates but wont download or install them.

The taskbbar icon show he is connected,

Also he has a wierd boradband connection with avanti comunications if that is any use.

He would appreciate all help and as he is out of warranty he would like a free solution.


Hope this forums is as good as it has been, thanks.


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It's not much to go on. Can he roll back to a date prior to the update of Chrome and IE?
this is what makes it so akward, i dont know all that much.

when i was over there today i tryed a system restore but the latest date was only a few days ago and even that didnt make a differnece.

is there somthing that all the browsers need that may have been acidently altered, removed?

also when in ie and a page fails to load and you click on diagnose problems it says the problem cant be resovlved and that he should contact support.

Should he just take it to say pc world to get it looked at?


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does he have a 64 bit vista? does the 64 bit IE browser still work?

has he disabled his firewall (completely) then tried to connect?


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It might be better if you could take possession of his pc for a while so we can GRILL you on the details, and you can quickly respond.
he dosent have 64bit and he certainly wont let me have his pc!

I'll just tell him to take in to get repaired.

Thanks anyway