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internet connection drops out and automatically reconnects every minute


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Hi! I've been trying to search the site for connection issues related to mine. So far I was not able to find one, but if ever this issue has been answered before I would appreciate if someone could send me the link. Thanks!

Here's my problem. I recently installed a linksys wrt210N and is hard wired to our main computer (mac). I have a Toshiba with vista basic and the wireless connection to the internet is working perfectly. But my brother has an Acer Aspire 4520 with vista home premium and his connection keeps dropping every minute if someone is using it and ever 5 mins if its just sitting there. I can ping the router when I am online. Then I tried all these following steps but still the same issue: reinstalling the network adapter; disabling the 802.1... authentication but wasn't able to connect to the router more so I reverted back to the old setting; forced DNS on Internet Protocol Version 4 but getting conflicting IP; dowloading MS update for vista but neither of x64 and x86 version were appropriate for the pc; checked automatic connection on wireless network setting; changed SSID name on linksys. But all these didn't help 1 bit! Please help..... Thanks

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The periodicity of the interruption indicates to me that computers on a different, nearby network could be using the same channel as your bro. Through "Device Manager," open up the relevant network adapter, go to Details, select the "Ad Hoc Channel" list item, and it's probably at channel "11." I always have had good luck with "6."

Sometimes a roll-back works: ie, an older driver. I see an Atheros driver Version released around July 2009 that seems to be a pretty generic driver for a very broad range of Atheros wireless network adapters.

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