internet explorer cannot open the internet site...


Just started using IE8, and getting the nag on many pages (while I am already on that page) saying IE cannot open this internet site....and if hit the return arrow to go back a page , and then reclick to the new page, it works. Whats up with that ? Am I missing some file or is this just another glitch ?
Didn't happen with IE7, and may just go back to it.

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Did you try other sites ? That is a quick check to see if the problem is your browser. And it would need to be a site that uses similar setup. So if the page that doesn;'t display has lots of javascript, go to another one that has lots of javascript, etc.

On one of my sites, sometimes one particular page wouldn't display. I had to re-edit it, upload, it works fine now. So it may not be your browser. It could be that site.

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