Internet Explorer Problem *HELP* Maybe a Javascript problem


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Hi there,

My problem is My Internet Explorer 7, For some reason I do not know if its a Javascript problem or what it Doesn't show Javascript related links or if they do show javascript links when I click them Nothing happens. For Instance I play this online game called "ijji GunZ The Duel" which is ijji - Where Gamers Unite! and before that theres a short advertising page kinda before it proceeds and theres a link that says "Skip to" when I try to click it nothing Happens AT All. And at sometimes when i go to the original page will automatically be there but when i sign in The page is Blank or If I'm Lucky and im signed in i click the "Play Live" Button and nothing happens (Btw The "Play Live" Button is a button when you click it which launches the GunZ game launcher.) And Also On MSN when i right-click My little MSn icon on the taskbar and Click Email Inbox Internet Explorer opens up but shows nothing just a blank page so my thought is its a Javascript Problem

If anyone is out there Please Help me!

I tried Registry Mechanic 8 Repaired all the errors still didn't work,
Tried CCleaner,
Advanced Systemcare v3,
Checked if IE is allowing Active Scripting which was already Enabled
Before I was using IE 8 but downgraded to IE7 Still isn't working,

Also, My Firefox Also works perfectly with Youtube Videos and the gunz site but Too bad I can't use Firefox to play the gunz online game i need to use IE.

Fact: ALSO on IE when i try to watch Youtube Videos the main site shows perfectly like the Video thumbnails and etc but when i click on the video, Everything on the video page shows except for the Video. I mean like It doesnt show ANY content of the Video at ALL but shows everything else like Video description video rating and The related videos with the ThumbNail,

My Computer Sepcs are:

Windows Vista Home Premium SP1,
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5600+
3.00 GB RAM
NVIDIA GeForce6150SE nForce430

Please I need Help :'( *Goes on his Knees)


Hi Siickone,

All I can say is try uninstalling your java and reinstall. And make sure you have Adobe flash installed/there's also Shockwave.. and if so, do the same for them.


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Thanks for the reply Airbot,

Hmm I tried Re-installing Flash and Java But Im going to try again
I'll reply back if it worked or not


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OMG WOW, It Works now Lol Probably you hacked my COmputer and returned it to
Normal state :P Lol Just kidding,
Probably I downloaded a Different Java This time.


Haha, yeah, I jumped threw the screen. Yeah, it might have just gotten corrupted or something. You should always download from the source. Be it Sun Microsystems for java or Adobe. You're welcome