Internet Explorer Stops Working, Solution


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Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working (Solution)

I have Windows Vista Ultimate Version x64 and Microsoft Office 2007. I've experienced horrible issues with IE explorer ver. 7 crashing, seemingly out of the blue.. I've reinstalled the OS several times.. and eventually the issue happened over and over again..

These are the two solutions I found which were able to solve the problem and partially restore my fractured sanity.

First and Easiest: Do a system restore | Control Panel, Right Click, Properties, system protection, System Restore from a previous time when you know for sure IE was working.. This wont stop future problems, but it will get you back on the internet so you can rush to this forum and find out how to permenantly solve it.. (below)

Second & Permenant: I found that Office 2007 Web Components appeared to be causing this issue. I tried repairing.. Still didnt work.. So I went into programs and just removed the component.. Rebooted and IE works fine..

Trouble Shooting Tips: If you can start ie without add-ons, then you should be able to resolve the issue with minimal effort. You can try it by following the instructions below..

Start -> Programs -> Assessories -> System Tools -> iExplorer (no add ons)

This problem cause me alot of pain and headache.. so I hope that by posting here it will help some folks cause I didnt see any clear paths to resolving this issue.

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