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Internet Explorer Wins OTA Award for Online Trust

Browser security is similar in some respects to the MPG of your car; everyone might say it’s very important but the real value often doesn’t hit home until gas prices jump or budgets are tight.  Similarly, consumers often only realize the importance of having a trusted, secure browser after they have been on the receiving end of some malicious act; at this point the damage may have already been done.

Hence browser developers must be vigilant and work hard to protect customers from attacks.  The work of external organizations such as Online Trust Alliance (OTA) is also important in this effort.  OTA is a non profit that contributes to the safety of products by facilitating collaboration on subjects pertinent to security, promoting practices that enhance product security, and contributing to public policy in online services.  OTA also recognizes work done to improve the security of products.

Internet Explorer 8 is humbled to be recognized as the recipient of 2010 Excellence in Online Trust Award by (OTA) on September 23.  This award represents a strong commitment by Microsoft and Internet Explorer to follow the OTA principles.

The Internet Explorer team has worked hard to create a browser that helps keep you safe online.  The technologies present in IE8 that facilitate a safer browsing experience include:

The results of this work are self-evident.  Back in July we announced that we had already blocked 1 billion attempts to download malware.  Over the course of IE 9 Beta new security features will be introduced, such as the download reputation notification that warns users about higher risk downloads.

If you’re using an earlier version of Internet Explorer you should download Internet Explorer 9.  With IE9 now in Beta, you can benefit from enhanced security features as well as from an all-round fast experience with our new clean UI that puts the focus on your sites.


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