Solved Internet working in safe mode but not in regular


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Hey guys,

I know this has been outplayed over and over again but I was hoping someone could help me in my particular case. I have just updated to Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit this morning, and now I am having issues connecting to the internet. Actually it seems to connect fine (opens Windows Messenger and everything) but says Page Cannot Be Displayed if I try and open something in Internet Explorer. I searched a few forums and found that I should try it in Safe Mode and voila it worked. The other forums stated that that usually means that I have some 3rd party software blocking my connection...but how do I find out which one it is?


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Hey richc46,

I somehow managed to get it to work... Although I am not sure whether it was that, I think it was the fact that I finally managed to completely remove what was left over of my Norton Antivirus (through Symanter Removal Tool).

Not sure which one of the things worked, but thanks a lot for your reply.



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Your welcome Alex. If you are sure that it is working, make a system restore, now, so you can go back if problems happen, again.