iPhone driver w/iTunes not working for photo download


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Running Vista SP2 on a 64 bit machine means that iTunes is a little out of sync these days. The latest version you can run is it's (more or less) running just fine.

Problem is that the driver it installs for the iPhone does not appear to be fully visible to Vista, so it never initiates the "auto-play" routines when plugged in, so you can never download photos the normal way.

I've done full uninstall/reinstall of all things Apple. I've removed all non-present drivers. Even so, when I look in the Device Manager there's no Apple iPhone under the Portable Devices category, and the iPhone does not appear anywhere in Explorer.

iTunes is running & synching just fine. But grabbing photos from the phone's camera just doesn't seem to be available.

Are others having this problem? Is there a way for me to force the iPhone to get installed (visibly) in the Portable Devices area??

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in the Device Manager there's no Apple iPhone under the Portable Devices category

Welcome to Vista Forums davodavo. If the driver was visible in portable devices you could try updating it from Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers. But since it isn't visible even after reinstalling, only one thought comes to mind: Have you tried the "64 bit - for older video cards" edition of iTunes, which is really 32-bit iTunes with an installer for 64-bit systems? My thought is that you might have better luck with the 32-bit driver. Support for Vista was already declining by the time iTunes became a true 64-bit application (e.g. a problem report is generated every time you close the program). Apple cautions against using it unless the 64-bit installer gives you a warning, but Vista users no longer have to worry about missing iTunes updates because support officially ended five months ago: https://support.apple.com/kb/DL1784?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US

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