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Is AVG really the worst anti-virus?

On the internet, you see ads that AVG is the number 1 anti-virus program. Either that's self-proclaimed, or they meant the most popular. Lately I've seen people saying positive things about Avast so I'm considering switching programs because of AVG's game trainer problem. The thing is, I've heard that I can't install a new anti-virus if one is already there. So I fear that if I uninstall AVG, I have to rush to install Avast because that will probably be the virus' strike point.

But is AVG really the worst? Recently I was watching a video for a game where someone was using a memory editor. I said it was a virus (AVG thinks it's a virus), then someone calls me a moron, then I explain, and then he says this is why Avast is the best. Then I admitted I use AVG, and he said "I pity you".

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It is the feeling of many that Microsoft Security Essentials is the best for Windows. It was created by MS, the creator of Windows. Your question cannot be answered, it is subjective.
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I switched from avg to avast as, avg free would not let me not scan network drives. My network drives vare locate 4000miles away via a vpn tunnel, so it was going at a crawl.

The way av's work is they compare files with examples of viri, so when it checked the mem editor it fit it's description.

Every av has its mis-classified files/programs, so the person who called you a moron wads probAbly 14yrs old.

Every ranking gives different AVs completely different positions. Don't ever look at just one chart/report. They will only mislead you. A view of people's moods on internet forums will give you about the most accurate report. However, this is very hard to judge!

In terms of how I see it, AVG and Avast are pretty much neck and neck, with many believing MSE to be one of the best free antiviruses, and many believe that ESET (paid for) being just about the best).

However, you are looking at an ever moving, and always unplottable target. This really is a very hard question to answer! Any famous brand will do you well enough, with MSE being very popular, but don't get taken in by fan boys. If you are happy, and you are using something well known, that should be good enough.

And no, it certainly isn't the worst. ClamWin and Moon Secure both rank in much lower on most tests, and ClamWin doesn't even have real time protection support last time I checked, but that may well have changed.

So I fear that if I uninstall AVG, I have to rush to install Avast because that will probably be the virus' strike point.
Although technically you do have to rush, in all honesty the risk is extremely low. As long as you don't browse any websites, or open any emails (and a few other, very rare things, memory sticks being the most common), and certainly no Peer2Peer (P2P) then you should be fine.

Ideally, try to keep a firewall running at all times, as those sorts of attacks you have no control over, but if this slips, really don't worry to much.

Just uninstall, install, and run a Full Scan, and you will be absolutely fine.


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Wow.. I've gone months with no av... Most issues are from being click happy, and not giving some attention to whats going on while you surf.


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Well I think the others have suitably covered the AV side, so I'll give the staying safe side of this a go :) As part of my malware removal degree, I've had to write a canned speech on how to stay safe (that you give to the user after cleaning their system). I've cut and pasted the appropriate ones. The following things won't keep you 100% safe, but they'll do a pretty good job at it!

4. MVPs HOSTS File

  • Download the MVPs HOSTS File to your desktop
  • Extract the files from the .zip folder
  • Right click on mvps.bat and select Run As Administrator
  • This should open up a command window, follow the on screen instructions
  • Open your start menu, and type cmd
  • Right click on cmd and select Run As Administrator
  • When it opens, type the following:
ipconfig /flushdns

The MVPs (Microsofts Most Valuable Professionals) have made this host file which contains a very large list of advertising/malicious websites by redirecting them to the IP (your own computers). This means that whenever you attempt to load one of these sites, your computer won't be able to connect to them hence making your browsing safer and slightly faster

5. Ensure all programs are updated

  • Download and install Secunia PSI
  • Run this regularly to ensure programs are not out of date
This program compares the current version number of all of your software against the most recent version number and displays which programs need updating. It also provides links to do this. This ensures that the latest security holes and vulnerabilities in your software are patched - reducing your chance of infection through an exploit e.g. a PDF exploit

7. Backing up registry

  • In the event of registry corruption/damage then you can restore your registry to a previous date by using this software
  • Follow this tutorial to set up daily registry backups: ERUNT Daily Registry Backup Tutorial
This handy little tool will backup and rebuild your registry on a daily basis. Sometimes things can go wrong on your computer - perhaps caused by a virus, perhaps a bug - and this could lead to your registry being corrupted or damaged. This could have all sorts of adverse effects on your system and could potentially stop Windows from functioning or booting. By doing this, we are able to restore to one of these backups if needs be

8. WOT Link Scanning

  • Install WOT (Web Of Trust) from here Safe Browsing Tool - WOT
  • This program provides information about the safety of websites and links that you visit.
  • The ratings can be found below:

    Green - Website is highly rated
    Yellow - Website should be used with caution
    Red - This website should be avoided
  • A complete list of the symbols can be found here
WOT provides colour coded link scanning for websites and allows you to see whether a link you are about to click on is bad - e.g. malicious

9. SpywareBlaster

  • This software prevents the installation of Spyware on your system by blocking a specific list of ActiveX controls that are known to be spyware related.
  • Once you have installed this program, make sure you update it.
  • Open SpywareBlaster and tick the Enable Protection For All Unprotected Items

10. Make Internet Explorer More Secure

  • Hold the
    key and press R
  • When the run dialogue opens, type Inetcpl.cpl and press enter
  • Open the Security tab
  • Click Reset all zones to default level
  • Ensure that Internet Zone is selected and click Custom Level
  • In the ActiveX section, set:
    [*]Download signed ActiveX controls to Prompt
    [*]Download unsigned ActiveX controls to Prompt
    [*]Initialize and Script ActiveX controls not marked as safe to Disable
Some infections can be caused by malicious ActiveX controls, all this program does is block a large list of controls that are known to be malicious