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Is Windows XP Good Enough? Really??

Catching some rays
Join us for a lively roundtable discussion on how the technology landscape has changed since Windows XP was first released, and learn how to address today's challenges around security and manageability. Host Stephen Rose, IT Pro Community Manager with the Windows Client team, will be joined by a panel of IT professionals and Microsoft subject matter experts to dive into the differences between Windows® 7 and Windows XP, Windows® Internet Explorer® 6 and. Internet Explorer 8 and Internet Explorer 9, and the various technologies in the client PC management stack.

This event will address questions and concerns around migration costs, application compatibility, and organization readiness. The panel will also cover the role of virtualization in the desktop environment as well as the migration tools available to manage application compatibility and better automate deployment.

Ask your questions live during the event with our online tool—or submit your questions in advance to vrtable@microsoft.com.

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