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Issue with Java and Flash


I recently bought a new computer, and it's the first time I've ever interacted with Vista. The issue I'm having is, no matter whether I use IE7 or Firefox 3, Java and Flash don't work for me on certain sites(for instance, Java does not work on Yahoo! sites, and Flash won't work for Myspace). I've tried updating both Java and Flash, and this does not resolve my issue. I can get Youtube to run just fine, so it's a little bit puzzling why it wouldn't work some of the time.

Extra information: Vista is 64 bit, and I'm using Kasperkey Internet Security.

I'm wondering if it may be that Kasperkey is the issue and not Vista. If the problem isn't uniform across all sites, it would have to be something else. Then again, I never get any kind of message stating anything that would lead me in either direction.


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Try booting to [safe mode + net] and testing whether it works from there. If so, it's likely that an add-on is responsible (which is not loading in safe mode), and it may well be the AV. The MSCONFIG utility can be used to selectively disable/enable optional components until a culprit is found.

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