It’s ‘Game Over’ for Zeus and CryptoLocker


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Under Operation Tovar, global law enforcement—in conjunction with the private sector and McAfee—has launched an action to dismantle the Gameover Zeus and CryptoLocker infrastructure. Disrupting the criminal infrastructure by taking control of the domains that form part of the communications network provides a rare window for owners of infected systems to remove the malware and take back control of their digital lives.
If you, or anybody you know, receive a notification from your Internet service provider, then please do not ignore it. Use the removal tool to delete the malware from your system, and ensure you have appropriate protection to prevent future infections.
The removal tool is available at the following URL:
How to Use Stinger | McAfee Free Tools
We anticipate the criminal infrastructure of both Gameover Zeus and CryptoLocker will re-establish operations as quickly as they can. Thus you need to take action quickly.

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It?s ?Game Over? for Zeus and CryptoLocker | McAfee

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