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iTunes + iPod Problems with Vista 64 Bit ... Help!

Hi There,

I recently purchased a new PC with windows 64 Bit (home premium) and today I went out and bought myself a brand new iPod 80gb Classic. Got home, plugged the iPod in after having the latest version of iTunes downloaded (which is the 64bit version for vista) and as soon as it detected the iPod it said it was corrupted and said I needed to restore it, so I pressed "restore" iTunes locked up and then nothing happened. So I reinstalled iTunes because it wasn't responding even after opening and closing it (downloaded it all again etc to make sure it wasn't corrupted), but it still freezes.

If I unplug my iPod, iTunes works fine, and there are no problems with it, as soon as I plug in the iPod it locks up (music will still play, and it doesn't crash, it just freezes until I unplug it again).

I decided to try the iPod on another PC, so I put it on my laptop (which runs windows XP), the iPod works find on there with no problems.

Does any one have any ideas on how I can fix this... All my music is on my vista pc, and I would like to get it working on this PC.

Regards and thank you in advance.

Lewis Sellers

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BiG TuNa

New Member
Just wait a few minutes.

Your PC is scanning the 80GB ipod before it actually works, which is weird..

I got a 60GB ipod and when i plug it into any old PC it freezes!

I recommend plug it in and leave it until itunes picks it up

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