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Solved java and no java

I installed java for the 64 bits version of vista on vista home premium 64 bits.
No problem so it seems.
But the 32 bit ie is complaining about no java installed.
Should I install 32 bits java as well.
Some applications are complaining about no java if I by accident browse with ie8 32 bits iso 64 bits.
64 bits version is installed and working fine.
But for some sites you need flash and java.
Flash seems not to be available yet for 64 bits and so I have to turn to 32 bits.
But 2 java versions on one machine?:cry:
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Hello AvalonVrouwe
This should help you understand & answer your question.;)

Refer this message when I use IE 32- bit as distinct from IE 64-bit.
"We have detected you may be viewing this page in a 32-bit browser. If you use 32-bit and 64-bit browsers interchangeably, you will need to install both 32-bit and 64-bit Java in order to have the Java plug-in for both browsers."

Test yours here -
Java Downloads for All Operating Systems - Sun Microsystems
and here -
How do I test whether Java is working on my computer?

Let us know how you go.