keyboard combinations change window positions


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Hello all,

I installed a Toshiba TV as a second monitor not too long ago and since then (or it might be a malware problem, but I'm thinking not). I have had problems as described in the title.

If I reboot my machine I can use the offending keyboard combinations for a short while before doing it eventually moves/resizes the windows around again. The machine will resize windows to various sizes but it seems pre-defined for different apps. Like for my browser it will resize to take up both 36" screens.

Not sure what to make of it. The one big combination that I can always count on to screw things up is the Ctrl+C shortcut. I believe it's been happening since I got the 2nd monitor hooked up with the VGA card.

Anyone seen this before? I can pinpoint what the issue might be. thanks!


win vista x64
hp desktop / 2.6 ghz dual core INTEL
keyboard = DYNEX

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