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Keyboard not working

I have a logitech pro keyboard compatible with Vista x64 (as it used to work earlier and confirmed by logitech site ==> http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/keyboards/keyboard/devices/3560&cl=in,en)

It has now suddenly stopped working in Vista lol.When I went in Control Panel,and under keyboard section it says it couldn't load some drivers (dont exactly remember which error but it displayed Code 39 related to driver error).It had 3 drivers but 1 was unsigned.I can't do anything on Vista as the keyboard just doesn't work (I'm typing this off Ubuntu).

When I went to Logitech site for drivers it said the keyboard uses Vista's native usb drivers (but its a p/s2 keyboard).So will using Vista native usb drivers help?Where can I find them?I googled but couldn't find them.Help would be appreciated

EDIT: Now I can't even access Vista because I can't skip C: checkup which ALWAYS gets hanged at 62% (what might be the reason for this?).Ubuntu is working flawlessly.