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Hi, im new and dont know where to post this. i have a laptop "Dell inspiron 2200" and just the other day i had it turned on and when i unpluged the powercord and it shut right down. and wouldnt turn on. "As if the battery was dead" when i plug it back in it turns on like normal. when i check the battery meter it says there is a battery and it's 100% full. so i know it's getting good connection. i tried a friends battery with the same results so i know thats not the problem.

I went to dell's site and downloaded the "Battery calibration utility" for my laptop but to install it i need a floppy drive and dont have one. I tried tricking it into thinking a jumpdrive was a floppy by changing the drive letter to A: with no luck. i'm not even sure this would fix my problem was just sugested by someone else.

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I seen this before with an IBM laptop but never could figure it out. However the link below goes to dell's website and if you enter your service tag then click submit you will end up talking to a dell tech support chat staff. Best I can do for ya.

Dell - Hardware Chat


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My sony VGN-FZ290 has battery issue too when I installed 64-bit Vista Ultimate, although the battery worked fine under 32-bit Vista. The warning message I got under x64 is that the battery is not properly plugged in or the battery is not compatible with my system. I uninstalled the utilities supplied by Sony (32-bit) and that disabled battery monitoring event service, and the battery problem is gone.

Hope this can help you in a right direction.

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