Lenovo X200 Tablet HDD replacement?


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My Lenovo X200 has been making some unusual noises and is slower than a snail, and I am worried that the drive is going to start crashing. The OS is Vista Business 32 Bit. Based on what I found online, the procedure goes something like this...

Remove screw on side
Use pull tab to remove disk

and to put it back-

Slide back in
Replace screw

This is suspiciously easy - wouldn't there be a cable involved somewhere? The hard drive in the videos appeared to have dots on it, so I think it is a metal bracket with circular dots - is it? I read that the maximum is 500GB because any higher than that is thicker - is that right? Finally, could an SSD be used without having to load any drivers to install vista from the set of 3 OEM discs? Even with a normal HDD, would I need drivers?

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    My Vista PC is a Lenovo Thinkpad X200 Tablet
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    Wacom Penabled screen, I think about 12 inches?