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Since my Vista was updated i.e. installed service pack 1 some issues with the quick launch internet icon started plus the network map disapeared. But i still had internet so i was not bothered. But 3 days ago my internet suddenly stopped and shows limited or no connectivity. I tried to run any troubleshooting possible to see and fix the problem but with no result. I read here in the forum some suggestions in dealing with this kind of problem but i dont understand a thing of what i read. Is it possible to help me to solve the problem step by step since i am not someone who is aware with computers.

Thanks in advance.

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You'll have to give the experts here more info if you want them to help, how do you connect to the internet, what browser do you use on what type of machine, laptop or desktop. ?

Just what troubleshooting steps have you taken and did you get any errors when trying them, if yes what were they.? Do you have anti virus software installed and what is it, what firewall do you run ?

A lot of questions I know but the more information you give the better it will be to get you answers that will help you. ;)

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Unplug your router and modem. Plug them back in. Turn on your computer. Update your NIC driver. Turn off the firewall.

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