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hello all, im looking into getting a CPU only loop for my computer. but i dont know what brand to go with. can you help me out? =)

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there aren't really "brands" per se for a whole system. We all kind of piece the things together ourselves from different types of components that meet our needs.

I have a couple of different liquid cooled systems, and have used parts from Zalman, Koolance, Danger Den, D-Tek and others pretty successfully. There are always fanbois that will tell you that they read some goofy review somewhere about a specific component, but in reality, it all mostly works pretty well.

The guys are extreme systems in the liquid cooling forum are pretty sober most of the time (not always, some fanbois there too).

koolance and danger den both have pretty broad lines of stuff, all mostly good. Also, has an awesome selection.

Just make sure you get a radiator thats big enough for everything you want to cool. And use at least 3/8" hose (1/2 is overkill most of the time)

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