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Local access only- 2 connections/1 real 1 ghost


New Member
Over the last week the family pc running Vista has starting showing a second public network when there is only 1. I usally got around it by merging it with the other network but it will not let me do it anymore.
Ive tried:
Disabling IPV6
Setting an alternate IP for IPV4 under Alternate in properties for the adapter.
Merging them.
Changing both to public/Private +merging to no avail.
Uninstall the LAN Adapter (via device manager) +reboot
Changed router (to one i knew worked before)
Disabling all services bar microsoft via MSCONFIG
Ran IPCONFIG/ALL but seen nothing amiss,proper IPV6/4 address/subnet/DNS/Default Gateway etc

I havent tried updating hte LAN Adapter Driver as the same driver worked well with the older router.

Any guesses?


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